About Gilgal House Healing Centre


Gilgal House is a Christian Trust with a vision to bring healing to hurt and broken people through the teaching of Jesus.

Gilgal House has taken its name from the place named Gilgal in the Old Testament first referred to in Joshua chapter 4. It was the place where the Israelites crossed the Jordan into the promised land and they took twelve stones from the bed of the river Jordan and set up a cairn there to remind future generations that God had dried up the river. Gilgal was also the place where the Israelites recommitted themselves to God and where God rolled back the disgrace of Egypt to give them a fresh start. This reflects the vision of Gilgal House to remove the obstacles in peoples lives that prevent them from entering into the land of their destiny.


Jesus gave a commission to the church in Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15-18 to preach the good news, bind up the broken-hearted, set the captives free and make disciples of all nations. Gilgal House is committed to fulfil this commission through evangelism, healing, deliverance, training, resourcing and equipping the church so that the body of Christ is released into its destiny in God.


The Gilgal House Healing Centre Trust is a registered charitable trust (UK reg. Charity no. 1114475). There are currently three trustees: Ernie Bowden, Steve Hepden, and John Nightingale. Mike Preece is currently the Director of Gilgal House and responsible for its management. Mike together with the trustees form the executive leadership.

The Executive Leadership

Director: Mike Preece

Mike Preece Mike is a trained Christian counsellor, involved in the healing ministry. He has a passion to see a release of the 'Father's Heart' in healing and deliverance, enabling the body of Christ to be fully released into their destiny. His vision to be involved in a healing ministry has been on his heart for many years. He has seen that vision come into being from the early nineties onwards and in 2005 Mike established the Gilgal House Healing Centre, of which he is the Director. Mike teaches a wide variety of courses on healing and deliverance, and has been involved in powerful ministry on an individual basis to those with a variety of deep personal needs. Mike is married to Hiroko and they have four children. Hiroko also plays a prominent role in the ministry.


Ernie Bowden

Ernie Bowden Ernie Bowden taught Physics for thirty years, most of that time at the Radcliffe School, the local comprehensive. He has been a member of Stony Stratford Community Church since 1968 and has held various positions there. In 1993 the Lord called him out of teaching and in April '94 he became a full-time elder at his church, a position he held until retirement in March 2007. Subsequently he has been active within the Gilgal Healing House Centre as administrator.

Steve Hepden

Steve Hepden Steve has been in full-time Christian work since 1981. He has 25 years experience of various kinds of leadership in churches. This includes pastoring, preaching, teaching and planting new works. More recently he has worked with a large international ministry centre. Over the years Steve has become very well known both nationally and internationally as a gifted teacher with a powerful prophetic anointing. He has been involved in conferences and seminars covering a variety of subjects as well as authoring a number of books. Steve's heart is to see a release of Spirit and Word with an expression of the Father's passionate and intimate heart, which will free people into the reality of healing and deliverance.

John Nightingale

John Nightingale Born and bred in Northampton, John has been Director of the Manna House in Northampton for over 25 years. The centre consists of a Christian Bookshop, a busy Counselling and Counsellor training service and 5 flats for the homeless.
Married to Val, for over 30 years, he has 3 grown-up children. He has served in local church leadership for a period of 12 years and has a strong desire to see the Church working in unity and to its full potential. He is heavily involved in the local community serving on the Executive of the local Community Voluntary Service (CVS), a Trustee with the Northampton Municipal Charities and on the Community Funding Advisory Panel of the Northamptonshire County Council. He is also a Fellow of the Association of Christian Counsellors and serves on their Executive as Director of Professional Standards, Chairing the Accreditation Committee since 1993. He is a keen sportsman and plays golf of a single figure handicap.

Visiting speakers

Ivan and Isabel Allum

Ivan and Isabel Ivan and Isabel Allum have been involved in various levels of ministry and church leadership for over 20 years. They were trained and mentored by John and Carol Arnott, who taught them to love God's people and bring healing to their lives. Their passion is to make the Father's heart and his love known to others and to release his kingdom into their lives. They have an international prophetic ministry and travel on a regular basis, alone and with teams, to many places. They minister to people as well as train and equip them in how to hear the voice of God; how to prophesy from the Father's heart; how to activate their gifts and how to enter in to their prophetic destiny. Their heart is to impart what they have to others and raise them up in ministry. Their prophetic ministry, which is characterised by the Father's love brings healing, restoration, vision, and direction to the lives of people, churches, and ministries as it reveals the destiny God has planned for them (Jeremiah 29:11).
Find out more at: ivan-isabel.com

Kathryn Marquis

Kathryn Marquis Kathryn Marquis is an anointed worshiper who literally carries the heart and abandonment of David. She is a true psalmist and has the ability to hear and discern the voice of God, and the move of the Holy Spirit. She also is able to ignite the heart of man to shift into a higher and more intimate realm of worship and love for the Father. Kathryn’s worship carries a purity that causes heaven to respond. When she leads worship, whether it is for a congregation of ten or 500 people, she has the ability to engage every single person in worship, which causes a very powerful corporate anointing to fall in the room.
Find out more at: kathrynmarquis.com