2019 Programme


* Oct 3rd-5th 2019 (Thurs-Sat)

- “Transformation” with Kathryn Marquis & Heather Harmon -

Gilgal House is partnering with Shenley Christian Fellowship in order to host a conference entitled "Transformation" from October 3rd-5th at the Oaktree Centre. This will be led by Kathryn Marquis and Heather Harmon. They are both gifted musicians and inspirational teachers and have led fantastic conferences at Gilgal House in the past. Kathryn has released a number of worship CD's. The conference will focus on making Jesus and the simple gospel central to our lives again and being transformed into the likeness of Christ to bring about complete restoration with him.

Conference Schedule

Thurs/Fri/Saturday - Afternoons 2.30am-5.00pm / Evenings 7.00pm-10.00pm


Shenley Christian Fellowship

How to book

To book a place, telephone 01908 410840 or email conference@scf-mk.org.uk

* Oct 12th 2019 (Sat)

- Freedom from freemasonry day -

Gilgal House is running a freedom from freemasonry course on Saturday October 12th in Bradford at Butteshaw Baptist Church. The course runs from 9.30am to 6.30/7pm. Further details and booking are through conference@scf-mk.org.uk

Ancestral and personal involvement with freemasonry brings families into crippling bondages resulting in blockages to careers, poverty and devastating illnesses. This course brings freedom from these bondages so that each person can enjoy the abundant life that is theirs in Jesus Christ. There will be extended times of ministry during the day.